About us.

Bootstrapped, but real.

Bloop is a small, but growing company, that relies on a worldwide collaboration network.

Small Company.

Sometimes small is better. We are a small, but professional company with a flat organization, not having the need for countless daily meetings and phone calls. This allows us to focus on development and make faster decisions.

Fast Growing.

Even though we are small now, we understand that with a fast growing product like Airmail, we must focus on sustaining our business in the digital marketplace. Our goal is to keep moving toward a larger user base, driven by our superior products.

Short Time to market.

Our primary goal for business development is to rapidly grow our product base in accordance with users’ needs and feedback, We will continue to develop applications that users need - not that we need.

Our team.

Leonardo and Giovanni are Founder and running the company. We create exciting new applications…like Airmail, that change the way you interact with your Mac and iOS.

We are not just individuals. We are a blend of super-creative minds that build awesome brands, designs and products.

We are also software users, just like you, and we understand how users interact with software applications. Because of this, we pledge to build our applications to follow the developmental philosophies that will put the best software in the world into your hands so you can do more, and do it in the best ways possible.

Giovanni Simonicca

Founder of the company is a passionate developer with bug prediction.

Leonardo Chiantini

Founder of the company designer and developer.

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