Airmail for iPhone and iPad


Processing email is a time-consuming task that encompasses the behavior of different users and how they think and act regarding each email component.


To provide an effective solution for all areas of the email challenge, we needed a high-performance application that would not only solve the users’ problems, but make email processing fun again. .


Airmail respects the users’ needs with regard to all aspects of processing email. It also allows full configuration of the user interface in an effort to individualize email processing for each user.

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Public Beta Released

Your mail with you.

Airmail is a new generation mail client with a desktop class feature set, like snooze interactive push notification, full inbox sync.

Designed for the latest iPhone generation and iOS, support 3D Touch preview, fast documents preview, high quality pdf creation, and native link with many other apps and services.

iCloud sync will provide a full ubiquitous experience so that all your mailbox preferences, and app preferences are synced with your Mac, iPhone and upcoming iPad version.

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